We were lucky enough to come across an old-style apple tree on a locals property. The tree had 100’s of healthy-looking apples, plus there were many more all over the ground, and birds were eating most of them from the upper branches. The property owner just so happened to be near their letterbox, so we asked if we could have a few apples? Yes, please help yourself – so we did.

Not only have we made a new friend, but we also collected a few bags of naturally organic apples. In return for the apples collected, we delivered back a container of spiced apple muffins.

With the remaining apples we made two apple pies and a few jars of apple jelly – which we’ve named High Street Jelly.

The apples were too odd-shaped to use the wind-able peeler, so we loosely chopped the apples, skins on, fried them in olive oil, with cinnamon, Sultana and lightly drizzled with honey. Once caramelised, we let them steam in their juices, while we prepared the pastry pockets. We placed the apple mixture in the centre of the pastry square, and the corners pulled in to make a parcel. Oven-baked for 20mins on 200ºC – served hot with whipped cream – absolutely delicious!