After constructing the environment that we feel is going to be suitable for growing food indoors, and our seeds arrived from KingSeeds, we have started our MicroGreens trial. It was a bit of a messy start, we didn’t have the garage table sorted out with suitable lighting areas so we moved into the kitchen, and we know that our aluminium food /baking trays are a bit flimsy however we haven’t yet discovered the perfect food grade plastic trays for growing in. These will do for starters!

The process was to:

  • poke holes in the base of the smaller trays to let the excess water drain out
  • break up the coco-coir into smaller chunks (as we didn’t have a clean 9-litre container)
  • add water to the coco-coir and watch it soak up the water and expand (quite exciting to watch)
  • give the coco-coir a good mix to ensure that it is indeed wet, but not dripping
  • use a metal spoon to decanter the mixture into the trays and press down so that the mixture is almost to the brim.
  • measure out the seed and sprinkle a suitable amount evenly
  • mist the top of the seeds with water
  • cover with tin foil to keep the seeds moist
  • place into the grow booth and … wait