The trial is going well, we’re learning what we might have done wrong – and we’re planning what other experiments we can do to make improvements.

Here’s an overview of where are at day 9:

  • We need to consider better overnight monitoring, as we believe that while it is -3ºC outside the garage where we have the grow booth probably gets down to < 13ºC
  • The dehumidifier stops functioning as a dehumidifier at about 15ºC and therefore the RH humidity continues to rise as the night goes on. This has not resulted in mould forming as yet, which is promising, however, something to be mindful of.
  • The dehumidifier does continue to run a circulation fan so we don’t have an additional fan unit to run.

Two that have not preformed well are the beets:

  • The Bulls Blood Beet had poor germination and this didn’t really recover (as yet). We believe that we should soak the seed first and add a pressure plate to ensure that the roots do dive into the cocopeat rather than be raised up.
  • The Beet had a similar issue. We will let this trial run, however, roll on a second beets trial. 🙂