We’ve recently cut our first trial sample of Rambo and China Rose radish microgreens. These grow within 7 to 10 days and we cut ours on the 9th day, and from a tray of 12x18cm = 216cm squared growing area, we gained 33grams of China Rose radish and 38 grams of Rambo radish. If my maths is correct that is a ratio of 0.15 grams per square cm, therefore our second trial we have running at the moment 27x20cm= 540cm squared should technically deliver us approx 78 grams in total.

Above shows the base of the coco-peat with the radish roots growing through. This was a layer of approximately 2.5cm deep coco-peat, our concern is scaling the process and how much waste would this produce.

We want to create an environmentally sound process and therefore are considering what the options would be at a scale greater that we’re dealing with. Any advancements that we can make at a small scale will help us to increase the growing scale if we discover that there is a market for supplying microgreens locally.

One concern we have is how the coco-peat will benefit our composting process – we believe that a small amount of coco-peat added to the compost will be suitable but what is the option if the project were to scale?