We chopped and stewed comfrey leaves about three months ago, and the resulting rotted down slime mixed with water makes a delicious tea for winter plants. We pour some into a bucket, add water at 50/50 and then deliver it to the base of our fruiting trees and other crops. The tea liquid is absorbed by the soil quickly, and the thicker chunks break down over time, supplying a natural fertiliser over time.

Also into our comfrey tea we added seaweed and this will help provide nutrients and minerals for the plants. We’ve found that citrus really like our seaweed teas.

Comfrey tea / seaweed tea not suitable for human consumption, so if you are making it and have inquisitive children, please do store it in a suitable location. We have tried to make our garden as child friendly and edible as possible, however there are some flowers and plants that aren’t edible.