After a lot of research and looking for the ‘glasshouse of my desire’ has been completed. My ideal is a near-free upcycled style utilising old wooden windows, and building walls to support it. My planning was really a decision process, what do I want to build, what do I want to grow in it, and where’s the best place for this in our yard. The outcome really needs to be an improvement on the make-shift shed that we had.

Here’s the simple build list – building to my budget of next-to-nothing, ideally under $100 NZD:

  1. Find and buy cheap old windows
  2. Collect the windows ready for installation
  3. Find and buy old wood for foundation and framing (< $60 total)
  4. Collect the wood and materials needed
  5. Start planning the size and considering the design
  6. Demolish the old shed & save the screws for reuse
  7. Create the foundation
  8. Create the first wall
  9. Finish all the walls
  10. Put the roof on.


  • It was easy enough to source old windows and after a few bids for $1 (one dollar), I was on my way with a small collection of various sized wooden windows.


  • Collecting all the windows was quite an ordeal travelling to many locations to pick up large and heavy old windows some in poor condition others in near-new condition.


This worked out quite well, we were able to pull the old shed down collect quite a few screws and gain access to quite a bit of still highly usable upcycled resources.


Clearing the space was quite hard, as the old shed had some plastic wrap that had disintegrated and started to flake off into the soil. This is something that I’ll need to work on overtime as it comes up to the surface. An old blue tarp that was used as an internal layer also has started to dissolve broken down by UV.
planning out the collected windows and making a scale model of the walls to see what might be possible placements.
Planning the space with a mock layup to get an idea of the size and what resources I had.


  • Work in progress ….
  • ROOF

  • Work in progress ….