Today I visited the plot of land that we’ve been allocated. The ground is well compacted and required some sod busting to gain access to the under the soil, ready for planting. I didn’t dig too deep, just 10cm into the topsoil, which looks moist and fresh. I was delighting to share the day with a local fantail and what started as the possibility of showers turned into a full sun 25ºC day. I wasn’t exactly prepared for the intense heat however I happily pushed on to complete a trench of 24m, planted with sunflowers, climbing beans and peas. Interplanted with a select of beneficial bee plants.

The plan is to continue to dig and plant on a weekly basis. What I’m expecting to gain from all this work other is exercise, quite time in nature and produce some to eat ourselves and some to give away to charities. I know that with Covid-19 disrupting my work life plans this year that I’m not on track for giving and supporting others.

The process that I used was break up the sod layer, sprinkle in a thin layer of well rotted wood chips, and mix this together, then plant the seeds, apply another layer of wood chips. And finally, to level the soil off and press the ground around the seeds.

I’m hopeful that rain will fall this evening per the weather forecast.